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We are heading into another tumultuous period of the third wave of Coronavirus spike in Malaysia with Klang Valley and Sabah in the midst of another Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), with other states following suit due to rising numbers of new infection....and life does not appear to be returning to "normal" any time soon. 

We are also facing a lot of uncertainties with our everyday lives and what we deem to be "normal", be it our jobs, studies, daily schedules and most importantly, the ability to plan for the future. Social norms or what deemed to be before March 18th 2020 are nothing similar to what social norms are today. Whether or not we will return to such norms prior to the start of MCO, nobody knows. Many are working from home, studying from home and not heading out much either from fear of catching this virus or fear of passing the virus off to cohabiting high risk family members. This will, to some degree, lead to a sense of social isolation and may affect mental health. We are upset, we are angry, we are frustrated but fundamentally we know we can't change the situation out there. These feelings are what many are calling the 'Pandemic Fatigue'. However it does not have to be this way.

A couple of weeks back, I had participated in a public webinar talk (hosted by IMU Alumni and collab with MASISWA) together with National Sports Institute (ISN)'s Sports Psychologist, Philip Lew on tackling "the new norm" at this point in time. 

When I was approached by IMU Alumni (because I am an alumni after all), the MCO had eased and we were returning to an intermediary stage of what resembled "almost normal". However as the webinar date approached, new cases spiked almost immediately after the Sabah state elections and cases in Klang Valley were steadily rising on a daily basis with no respite from case increment in sight. By the time I was due to prepare my presentation, we were at the cusp of tightening restrictions. What I had initially intended to present no longer seemed relevant. I too had to adapt to the situation and thus the focus of my presentation. 

I presented on the importance of maintaining social distance, the importance of face mask and the possibility of 'Long-Haul Covid Syndrome' post infection with supporting datas and research papers that I had considered most relevant at time of presentation. But Philip's presentation on mental health challenges during such trying times and his suggestions/tips on countering it was highly appreciated and extremely eye opening. I recommend everyone to listen to his talk. 

The youtube is linked to the picture below (and if that is not working, it's in the Media page of this website. Take care, stay safe, be adaptable.

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