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Into running, cycling, triathlons, powerlifting and all things medical-science related.

Strength, health & rehab advocate.

For those interested in the field of Sports & Exercise Medicine in Malaysia, please refer to 'What is my job scope' on the FAQ section.


I've been taking a sabbatical from ALL my social media outlets.


Good question.

Personally I felt like I needed to wind down on all that mindless scrolling and consumption of necessary, but frequently negative, contents.


During the time before this self-imposed sabbatical started, a lot of my social media feeds were very socially dividing and racially discriminating. It was during the time of George Floyd's senseless passing (RIP) & the 'Black Lives Matter' vs. 'All Lives Matter' campaigns (there is a difference apparently, and it was a rather polarising topic as I unfortunately found out through one too many hours spent reading up on this) rising all over the United States - not to mention many other countries as well.


Obviously it does not help my situation that I (still) follow a lot of news channels (BBC News, anyone?)..."social justice warriors"...and one too many "woke" accounts out there. As I tend to internalise most of the things that I was reading and researching, I inadvertently triggered my own anxiety. 

Thus I decided as MCO eased, I too would ease on my social media consumption.

I mentioned about my absence from social media (most palpably felt on Instagram) to a few of my friends and one question keeps popping up....

"If you don't scroll on Instagram (or whichever social media platform of choice), what do you do with your time/on your phone?"

I read....a lot.

During my social media sabbatical (which I am still in the midst of) the rate that I consume books (both physical and audio) has skyrocketed.


I admit that prior to this, my personally "abysmal" book reading rate of about 1-2 books per month is still probably higher than the national average. Turns out Malaysians in general do not read much. 


Past 3 months, I average about 7-8 books per month (both physical and audio) covering topics ranging from Personal Development (I'm trying to ease away from the word "Self-Help" as I do not need to be helped but rather to be developed) to Stoic Philosophy (I am not a huge fan of Ryan Holiday's work).

Having a book on hand at all times help tremendously. And what I realise was that my phone...the same device that I had spent countless hours (let's not lie to ourselves about our phone addictions) scrolling on...(to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what I scrolled endlessly on about) can be use to read. Now I go through about 1-2 books per week and I can honestly say, my perspective in life is a lot better in general and less nihilistic.

So...if you have attempted to get in touch with me via Instagram, Facebook chat or even this website but I am taking a bit too long to reply, very likely that whichever book/topic that I am reading and/or listening to right now is too fascinating to be put down. I will eventually reply. Eventually.....

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