I ran because I was fat.

That was pretty much how I got into the fitness and exercise scene. The more I ran, the deeper into the abyss I found myself in.


Dabbled in ultra marathons before it became mainstream, started a running blog that chronicled all my early runs and races (which got me involved in the running bloggers' community), bought a really cheap (and effing heavy!) bike with dreams of doing a triathlon and somehow found myself at the starting line of a full Ironman 4 years later. 


Along the way, running defined my career which brought me into the realms of Sports & Exercise Medicine (side note: And also because after 3.5 years I realised doing Psychiatry made me depressed).

Endurance sports moulded me into who I am today and it also led me to strength training and powerlifting.

I am who I am today because one day, a very long time ago, I decided I was going to run, to change my life. It literally did, just as advertised.

Sports and exercise change lives....I reckon I am a good proof of that!

Education & Qualifications

Medical degree from International Medical University (IMU)

Post Grad in Sports Medicine  from University of Malaya (UM)

GEMt Dry Needling Level 1-3

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Place(s) of practice

I currently practice at the Sports Medicine Clinic, Hospital Tuanku Ja'afar, Seremban.

On weekends, I'm at Regen Rehabilitation Hospital, Petaling Jaya and hustling for Fortis Medicinae. 

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